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Race Reports
Dan Sewell
AFM #19
Race Results
2008 AFM Formula IV Champion
2008 AFM Top Points Earnings
2009 AFM Forumula IV Champion
2011 AFM 650 Production Champion
2011 AFM Forumula 40 Champion
2011 AFM Forumula IV Champion
2012 AFM Forumula 40 Champion
2013 Thunderhill 450SB Champion
# 6 Plate AFM 2009
#10 Plate AFM 2010
# 8 Plate AFM 2012

Who are you?
I am a husband, a father, a software engineer, a mechanic, a geek,
an odd-ball, full of giggles, extremely social and often misunderstood on my continual journey to grow up.

What do you do?
By day I'm a Business Intelligence Staff Software Engineer.
In the evenings I enjoy time with my wife Michelle and my daughter Megan. Once they all go to sleep, I spend the rest of my evening out in the garage building motorcycles, cars, side projects, welding, cutting, fabricating, etc...

I am a race instructor for Z2 Track Days where I have been for almost 7 years now.

I also head up the AFM's New Racer Mentor Program where we pair up seasoned racers with new members to help with introductions, off-track logistics questions and preparing for their first race season with the club.

Where do you do it?
I work at Intuit, race nationally and live in Reno NV.

Why do you race?
Racing is one of the few activities that actually settles me down and forces to me focus on a singular task. I used to race for the absolute adrenalin rush and the drive to be faster. Now, while my focus is still on winning, I have an equal focus on improving my finer skills and helping new racers in the community

I am very lucky to have a wife and daughter who understand my need for this consuming sport and accompany me to just about every event. Meesh supports me through out the day and my daughter Megan screams loud enough for me to almost hear her as I pass down the front straight. I would be hard pressed to do as well as I do without their support.

What's next?
2013 was an odd, but exciting year. Initially only planning to do the WERA National Endurance Series, I added the full AFM season on a Kawasaki ZRX400R and the final round of the AMA Pro Harley XR1200 Series at Laguna Seca. What's next for me... I want to get back to SV Championships :D