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  • The mostly bent, but full, package. 02 SV 650

    It is time to Sell the 02 race ready (sort of) SV 650.
    It has been a long time out of touch with the racing community.
    It is great to see some familiar names still among the current posts.
    I raced with AFM from 2007 - 2009. I rode an 02 SV prepared by TWF It received upgrades over the years of racing and was rather competitive. (All credit to the bike, rider just opened throttle and tried to stay upright)
    And this rider was prone to not staying upright, thus the current condition of this TWF prepared SV has to be considered as PARTS, they happen to resemble a complete bike, but don't be fooled.
    There are an awful lot of good parts on this bike, and it is possible, maybe, to get everything straightened out and it may be functional once again, but...
    I look forward to chatting about gear and competition with all forum members.
    Thanks to all, especially Zoran,
    BTW. Price is absolutely negotiable...the more gear you take the cheaper everything is.
    Thank you again..

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