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    Hi guys, hailing from tge UK here, just tbought i'd share my work in progress. This project was borne from sheer boredom and the desire to build something in the garage.

    After looking at whatcI fancy building for my first ever bike, i decided on an a 1st gen SV650. I looked at bandits but as they've been done to death, though the SV was a little bit more unique, plus i really liked the trellis style frame of the SV.

    I decided to literally build one from the ground up, from parts of various sources, rather than buy a complete bike, and strip it.

    I started with a frame and swingarm from ebay and went from there, here's some pics of various stages.

    Everything except the application of the paint was done myself.

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    Not sure why all my pics have loaded upside down


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      That turned out awesome! The blue frame with the white body looks great.


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        Well its kinda hard to say couse all the pics you uploaded are upside down! (( or it is me searching too much for ?? with all my late health condition it is hard for me to realize what's true and what's not
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