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  • 2001 sv650

    My sleeper
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    Re: 2001 sv650


    Did yah work out the air gap issue from your other post?


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      Re: 2001 sv650

      Thanks bud! Not only did I figure out the strange settings but…..I also figured out how to do paragraphs! (someone could of just told me to try the enter button..)
      Since I bought this sv a short time ago I can also say I figured out quite a few things and since twf has been such a great resource,thought I’d share what set-up I ended up with (other sv forums will continue to be purely entertainment and I will leave it at that)

      The front end issue was avoidable as I made the classic mistake of changing something the day before my last race at the point and shoot esq Firebird Raceway in Phoenix Az. I always say I will never change a component other than tires without a test but…well you know…J One thing I did discover is that flowing tracks like Arizonamotorsports park do not need a lot of ride height as does Fireturd West track. I messed up the shock length A LOT after I changed the oil in it. So the week before at AMP the bike was flawless except the front. I had yet to go through the forks so I thought just a fluid change would fix the issues. But come raceday the bike was chattering through the fastest corner. The problem was there wasn’t any load on the front,no rebound and I only did a one guy sag check. Plus I used 20w and the super low rear height complicated things. Luckily I managed second and pretty much put a stranglehold on the overall L.W. championship…J anyway..

      Stock 2001 sv650 forks
      This bike for some reason is one of the best brake trailing bikes I’ve ever ridden,more feed back than even a rs250. Only issue now is someone set up the damper rod according to R.T. insructions so it does lack rebound at full travel. I did find a thinwall steel spacer that has the same o.d. as the i.d. of the damper so I can slip it in there, hold with a magnet and tack with bubble gum (yes,im cheap)

      • (1) .90 and (1) .95 springs
      • 6 hole damper rod (will change) closed rebound
      • R.T. emulator silver spring @3.25t, w/ 1 bleed hole
      • Maxima 15w @135mm down from 20w@145-previous owner had ?w@157+mm
      • Stock fork caps, pre load spacer length unknown but is at bottom of fork cap threads when unladen
      • Forks set @ 12.5mm above top triple down from 13.5mm
      • Zip tie currently @10.5mm from touching bottom triple from basically touching triple before oil change and geometry change
      • Static @23mm race 34mm up from 20mm S 27mm R
      • Sc2 dot for race and sc1 slick for practice (I like the dot better…) fwiw,dot is taller than slick

      Penske 8981 single comp adj. on reservoir with collar type rebound adjuster
      If I had a choice between a 400$ Ohlins or a 500$ Penske, id go Penske!
      • 700 hyperco (I am 163lb race weight)
      • Maxima 3w (works VERY well and similar to silkolene 5w) change your shock oil!!
      • Nitrogen @150psi
      • Length @152mm up from 142mm (oops) and started at 155mm
      • Comp @1 rebound @ 15 from all out (rebound slightly slow to compensate for stiff spring
      • A comp stack (with 2 of the largest shim against piston) C rebound stack
      • Static @12mm race @31mm down from 19mm S 36.5 R
      • Swing arm angle apprx. 12.5
      • 2 stock rims both with sc2 dot (again the dot works well enough!)

      When I press on the tank between the cap and the seat, both ends give identical amounts. I like my bikes set up this way. The motor is stock other than the cams and other typical well known mods. I can say the APE tensioners are over kill for a stock motor and if you have them,CHECK THEM!!! And please check out race with us! There are a few quick sv’s here. Our next race in November will be in 80 degree weather! Thx for reading
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        Re: 2001 sv650

        Cool, I'm glad you worked everything out. I enjoy the detail you put into your racing/bike mods.

        I plan to enter a few noob races next season. I would start now, unfortunately riding season is over with because of the cold.

        Good luck with the next race - Trail it in deep!


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          Re: 2001 sv650

          Throw it in a trailer and come to Arizona! Let me tell you...after racing in brutal heat all year it will be weird using a neck warmer for morning practice. I always think back to the real hot races when you find yourself PRAYING for the stupid white flag Again I think i'll just take the last race easy and get a pretty #1. I wonder if I should repair the screwed up damper rod....or will it change a lot? what do you guys think?


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            Re: 2001 sv650

            I hate waiting for last concern is my main competition. He says his motor is full blown 90+hp deal. No wonder he could leave me for dead on the straights. Our rules are run what you brung for now. May I borrow a superbike motor from someone? I asked nicely Damn that thing is fast. One thing I do have on my side is I revamped all my suspension and improved pb lap times on shot tires. Just mounted fresh ones but 20 extra hp would be nice!!! Guess i'll just check vale clearances and clean the chain if no one can help... Who the hell started these horsepower wars with sv's anyways?!


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              Re: 2001 sv650

              Ouch 90hp+, you have your work cut out for yah. I would guess to fix that busted damper rod?
              However, it seems you're still on the podium with it?

              I myself am still trying to find the traction limits on my 1st gen. I'm realizing (with my eyes shut) I can pin the throttle leaned over a lot without worrying on rear step outs. This reminded me of what you wrote "knee on deck, pinned, deep trail braking..." I need to work on that

              I had a lot of chatter on my last few track days. I think I needed more rebound on some of the more bumpy turns. It held me back on those corners, and thus confidence fell all around.

              When's the next race?


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                Re: 2001 sv650

                Last race November 30th @ wild horse pass (firebird) west track. Come on out!
                Are you in phoenix? Which track was giving you issues? A properly set up bike that you feel comfortable on is a MUST! I can help you with that... And I say it till im blue in the face, one of the best ways to get cheap and valuable practice is find a cr80 or a kx65,spoon some scooter tires on it and come practice with us! I even have a beater ds80 you could use....


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                  Re: 2001 sv650

                  Thx bud! but I'm in NYC...Had chatter at NJMP t-bolt, turn 3 and 6. Tried lowering pressure but no help. Zoran sorted me out with an internal gsxr swap on my forks. That should help some for next season.

                  Let's us know how you run the 30th... Best of luck!


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                    Re: 2001 sv650

                    well I got my #1 plate! unfortunately the last race they gridded middle weight am. in front of lightweight ex. Quinn wasted NO time getting around all of them in three corners and I re-learned a lesson I already learned. I gotstuck behind a r6 that was slow in the corners but very fast on the straight-im sure you guys have been there. at least my lap times on my new tires were better than quinns super sv,I took second but clinched the championship!thankyou zoran and everyone for being such a great resource and everyone who supported me(you know who you are) heres a pic from the local kart track beating up on the supermoto guys. happy holidays everybody,please be safe out there
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