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Battery Wire Gague (wiring for forward mount battery)

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  • Battery Wire Gague (wiring for forward mount battery)

    Ive had the forward mount battery box from Zoran sitting in my shop for about 1.5 years now. And Im finally getting to installing.

    Im going to put new wires in for the battery since the stock ones are either too long or to short (Starter motor).

    What gauge is anyone using for this? I thought the stock was 4 awg, but the closest to it was actually 8 awg wire. I haven't wired this part of it yet so I can go and get the 4awg stuff if need be. But would I be under sizing the wire by going to 8 awg?

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    Don't go smaller than stock, probably one size up if you adding length to it.


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      I went smaller and have had no issues. With a forward battery, your cables are much shorter than stock, so that kind of size isn't needed. Can't remember what size mine are, but you can see them pretty easily here: