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GSXR controls on Front End Swap

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  • GSXR controls on Front End Swap


    I've been working on my bike after the front end got a little messed up in a lay-down, and I managed to do a GSXR front end swap all by myself (with a lot of help from forums, etc). I'm realizing that I need to use the GSXR controls (switches, etc) because my original SV650 (06 N) ones are trash. I can probably figure out how to do the rewiring by looking at the diagrams, but,

    has anyone done this before and if so, any tips?

    And, I need new throttle cables as well, but I haven't seen any custom ones for a setup like this. Should I use a set of stock SV650N cables? stock GSXR cables? some crazy made to order MotionPro setup?


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    Use SV650S cables.
    What's wrong with your controls?
    If I were you and controls are trash,I'd buy cheap used SV650S controls also,trust me rewiring and diagramm chasing is pain in ass.
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      Yeah, the wiring diagrams are giving me a headache for sure.

      The issue with the current controls are that the left side got pretty mangled, and both of the levers are trash, and GSXR front end came with a complete set of controls and Pazzo racing levers. I can make the SV control connectors meet up with the lever perches without much issue, but I thought I'd use the GSXR parts since I had them. (They're also beefier, which is a look I appreciate). For purposes of getting the bike on the road again, I suspect I'll just use my old ones and patch them together or buy just one side, until I have more time to look into this.

      I actually have a set of the SV650 S throttle cables, but either I'm missing something or don't understand, how to make them match up with the SV650N killswitch assembly and R6 throttle tube that I have already. There's weird little plastic elbows on the cables, and the N assembly wants screws and brackets. How do I make these match up?

      Lastly, my headlight is completely eradicated, and I have the GSXR headlight as well (the front end was *very* complete). I'm going to cut it down so it doesn't protrude as much, but it looks like the SV has one set of wires for the headlight, and the GSXR expects 2. Someone managed to get it working on a TLS Fighter (
      ); any thoughts on how to splice or wire a relay in to get separate high and low beam connections out of a single three-wire set?



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        Levers have nothing to do with controls.You can use the SV650s clutch cable with the GSXR clutch perch.
        Then just buy SV650s controls and throttle housing and you are good to go.

        I have same setup(GSXR front end,R6 throttle) but I ride a 1st gen model, not sure how would R6 throttle works on 2nd gen.


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          You've got to get a GSXR wiring diagram and use it along with one for the SV. There are some changes that need to be made because some of the switches and features are different between the 2 bikes. (can't remember for sure, but I think hazard switch was on opposite sides and something else) The pins in the connectors can be removed and rearranged to make it all work. I was rewiring the whole bike anyway to remove all the safety switches and interlocks, excess wiring, and to put everything under the tank. I now have a nice large "trunk" space under both seats that comes in handy. Rain jacket, pants, spare face shield, tools.

          I used the GSXR controls, just because I liked the look of them more. I also like the extra engine mode buttons built in; one is for my gate opener and the other is my garage opener.

          Not sure how well this photo shows it....
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