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  • No spark, ugg

    Today I noticed my bike was coughing at certain rpms and not idling well, so I decided to clean the carbs. Sure enough there was some junk in the bowls from dried gas and I cleaned it all out. I put the carbs back on the bike and now it has no spark. The P.O. removed the kickstand and clutch and gear switches and it has been working fine until now.

    I know there is a thing with the resistor inside the ignition switch and I measured the ohms between the orange/red wire and the black/white wire and got 101ohms. Which I am pretty sure is correct. Here is where things get weird. The o/r wire was cut and badly spliced back together halfway up the ignition switch wires and it has fallen off. I don't know if this happened recently or not. I thought that was the problem so I attached the ends back together. When that didn't fix it I measured the voltage coming from the o/r and got about .9v, when I disconnected the wire o/r wire from the ignition switch I got around 6v coming from the ignitor box which I am pretty sure is also correct.

    I left that disconnected and the bike fired up on one cylinder (I only had one plug in because I was checking the other for spark), I then shut it off and put the other plug in. I tried staring it again and it wouldn't. Since then I have tried reconnecting and disconnect those wires and a lot of other stuff. I haven't gotten spark since. I don't think anything is fried since it was just running.

    Everything has power, the battery if full. I haven't disconnected anything. My only other idea of what is wrong would be the pick up coil? But it was just working and I have checked and made sure the plug is connected properly so I don't think it's that.

    Thank you,

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    Just to make sure the igniter box needs to see 6v on the o/r wire? Because it does, but only if the o/r wore is disconnected from the ignition switch, even though I thought the resistor is in the isnition switch. And if I do connect the o/r wire the voltage drops to .9v.


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      Original resistor is in the ignition switch but if previous owner bypassed it and put another resistor elsewhere than wire from ignition is not needed.
      Maybe check if there is another resistor and its connections.