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06 SV misfire issues

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  • 06 SV misfire issues

    2006 SV
    - cam swap
    - full Leo Vince system
    - cut up air box
    - BDK charging system
    - 2nd throttle shafts and butterflies removed

    My SV is having intermittent misfire issues. It will idle fine and rev fine most of them time however it seems that it's developed an issue where it won't rev past 5-6k under load.

    I've swapped plugs and cleaned the fuel pump strainer to no avail. I rode it yesterday and when it ran right, it ran awesome however once it starts cutting out, it just stays that way unless I let it sit for a while. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't.

    I pulled the PCIII off of it and that didn't help any.

    Coils or injectors maybe? Sometimes it'll throw a C31 code but not sure how a gear indicator issue would cause problems.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.


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    Did you check battery voltage when it starts cutting out?


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      I did not. I pulled the injectors and they seemed clean however I'm sending them off to Melka to get cleaned.

      Check it at idle or at RPM it cuts out at?


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        Either. Maybe your bdk is not charging enough and you running down battery.


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          Once I get injectors back from being serviced I'll throw them in and check it.

          I'll also reach out to BDK and see if I can get voltages at certain RPM's.

          Anything to do to test coils other than resistance?


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            You can check wire connections to coils to make sure all is tight.