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JE SV pistons in a V-strom

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  • JE SV pistons in a V-strom

    I have the JE +2mm oversize pistons (284698) I am trying to make work in my 2012 DL 650. I got some iron cylinders bored and I am noticing the clearance is a bit tight. JE says piston to head clearance minimum for steel con rods should be .040" and I just checked some solder and it goes as low as .025". How close can you go and not destroy the motor? I assume the SV is damn close to the DL and wonder how they can drop these pistons in without problems. Dual spark plug heads are different but the plug tips have plenty of room before hitting the piston.

    I have a set of base gaskets coming and plan to double them up to increase the clearance. Or shave a bit off the JE piston tops with sand paper.

    Thanks for any replies!

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    If you use the stock rods, you wont have to worry about PTV for long. They wont take the abuse an they'll break. You need beefier rods. You also need to worry about fuel. Comp ratio will be too high for pump gas. If you have that covered, then I would use 2 base gaskets. That will put you at .035 which is fine. I have used those JE pistons quite a bit with aftermarket rods and I sometimes get tight squish numbers. If you decide to sell your stock cylinders I'd be interested In them..


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      What size head gasket you using? If those rods are same as 2nd gen sv you need to change them like Mike said, they will snap on half.
      I have machined pistons many times to get squish I want.


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        Stock rods won't take +2mm pistons? When was this a problem?

        I'm going with 2 base gaskets. Got around .060" PTH with stock pistons & single base gasket. Getting around .052" with JE's and stock .030" head gasket that I opened up a bit with my dremel tool to keep off JE piston.


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          Since 03
          I think you measuring wrong.
          Stock head gasket is not .030