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  • Cooling problem

    One of our SVs has started running hot (getting to 220, the other runs ~185) and I'm having problems figuring out why. The temps climb to ~190 and then drop as expected when the thermostat opens. It will repeat the rise and drop 2-3 times but then the temps just start climbing slowly and will not drop back. I've tried the following to no help so far

    New thermostat (tested new & old .. both work fine)
    Manual fan switch (fan on or off makes no difference in temps?)
    Flushed cooling system... alot. No improvement, but I flushed quite a bit of light tan stuff out.

    The only two guesses I have left are partially clogged radiator, or bad water pump.

    If I spray water over the radiator while the bike is idling, the temps slowly drop into the 185 range. I'm guessing that means that water pump is at least circulating some? Is there a decent way to test the radiator and or water pump?

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    1st or 2nd gen?
    You can test them easy by swapping them between those 2 bikes. If problem stays engine is producing to much heat.


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      2nd gen

      Radiator was at least partially clogged (despite repeated flushes, etc... stupid parallel flow) ... new radiator made everything happy!