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  • Which Superbike tail on Gen2 stock subframe to raise seat height?

    Hi all,

    I've searched and searched, but found almost nothing about a good superbike seat to use on my Gen2 stock subframe.

    I gotta get my butt a little higher for some more legroom!

    Bodywork is unlimited in WERA LWT superstock, but I have to use my stock or similar subframe.

    What works well and looks decent?


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    Did you look if woodcraft (armour) has super bike tail specific for sv?
    We have gsxr tails but bikes have different subframe.
    For super stock we use Armour sv specific.


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      Thanks, Z, but all I see Armour Bodies offer for the stock subframe is the superstock tail that utilizes the stock seat.
      In WERA, LWT superstock has no bodywork restrictions, but the stock subframe must be used.
      Building a mount for a Superbike tail to rest on the stock subframe is no issue, I'm just trying to find the best fitting/best looking solution that will raise my butt a couple inches for more legroom, while covering up enough of the stock subframe, and still look good.
      I have a Gen2.
      I think I'm going to try an RC51 tail.

      Thanks again,


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        I've also been wanting to find the same solution. Looking around on Woodcraft's website, it looks like several GSXR superbike tails might work, but who knows. The best option I've seen so far is a Honda RS250 tail from Airtech Streamlining. I know this image shows an aftermarket subframe, but can you "trim" a stock subframe in WERA superstock? I think this tail comes to a point at the end.


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          Nope, I confirmed with WERA, no cutting or bending of the stock subframe one WERA superstock.
          My best guess so far is an RC51 Superbike tail.
          I really like the look of the RC51 fairing on the SV, anyway (like in your picture), so it might work out.



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            1) Have you thought about taking the seat apart? Adding some more foam, then stapling it back together. I needed new seat cover material.
            2) I used a CBR100 tail. Added two brackets plus a cross member to the sub frame to get the needed height. I know Kimberger did the same thing with an r6 tail.