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  • Gen 2 Shock on a Gen 1

    So I made a oopps. I found a Ohlins SU6060 which is a Gen 2 shock for my Gen 1 race bike. Well Im now regretting this a bit since my Elka (which I don't like much) on the Gen 1 is a Gen 1 built shock and comes in stock at 340 mm eye to eye and I have it set around 345 eye to eye.

    Well the gen 2 shock tops out at 342 eye to eye but I can squeeze a few more mm out of it if I thread the bottom eye out past the notch on it (which still gives plenty of thread engagement)

    But anyways has anyone put a SU6060 on a Gen 1 and if so what did you do to make it work since its overall a shorter package? Did you have a new bottom eye made?

    Just looking for some help here, thanks.

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    Sometime this shocks will have internal spacers to make them shorter. Spacer can be taken out to get more length.
    If not longer clevis can be made.


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      I will be looking at the longer clevis option on this one, time to source a machine shop.

      Currently I am running 345mm eye to eye on the rear shock. Setup on my bike is a bit different than what you have recommended on all the threads here.

      Basically trying not to take the bike to get the whole thing measured and optimized since that's at least $300 I don't want to spend for 3 adjustments of shock length, fork height, and wheelbase.