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  • Will a 4th gen SV650 engine (2016/2017+) fit in a 1st gen frame?

    Pardon me if this question has been answered but I did search the net and here for a while before posting.

    I have a 2000 SV650 w/41mm Keihins but would like an EFI engine and may as well look for a totalled 2016/2017 SV650 and pull the engine if it will fit into my 1st gen frame. I could opt for an 05 or 06 engine but am worried the crank and/or rods will not hold up, even for spirited street use, especially downshifting where the engine is on the overrun.

    Lastly, has anyone heard or experienced issues w/the new 4th gen engine?

    2000 SV650 w/41mm Keihin Flatslides