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  • GSR 600 Swingarm

    A question for you Zoran. So I have this idea of buying a GSR swing arm and fitting it to my Gen1 SV650. I saw you facilitated this swap for Peter's '04 build a few years back. But nowhere was it noted what was involved. I know the shock location is the same between both and read that GSXR wheels match up with the axle and such. I assume the swing arm pivot is the same as the SV. So what kind of fabrication is required to the swing arm or frame to make this work? Did you have to make or modify anything? Seems to be practically bolt on. Grateful for your insight. Cheers.

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    Don't know for 1st gen but on Pete's bike I had to reduce bushings for pivot axle, spacers for dog bones and longer bolts for linkage.


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      Thanks for the update Z. Sounds like a relatively straightforward job. Might give it a go and post back with my experience. Thanks again.


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        No, it's not. GSR swingarm needs machining becouse it is to wide for 1st gen frame. The linkage is also complicated.


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          Thanks for the insight Sloniu. Can you elaborate a bit on the changes you made? I can see you adapted the shock linkage. Did you need to do much more? And what was machined off the swingarm (pivot bearing area?) and how much material was removed?.

          Thanks for the input, any and all input is appreciated. I like the look of your GSR swingarm on that SV.


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            has anybody ever fitted a gsr 600 swingarm to an sv 650 and could they tell me what is in volved