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  • Swing Arm Length

    Hello everyone. Im new to this form, but not to bikes.
    My track only SV is a 2008 Canadian K7 model, which means it came with ABS and full bodywork, both of which are long gone. It's currently set up with GSXR 750/600 forks, level with the top clamp and 33mm of sag. The rear uses a GSXR rim, Elka shock 340mm pin to pin, 26mm of sag, The rear tire is a 190 Dunlop GPA-PRO, resulting in a swing arm angle of 12 degrees. My question concerns the wheelbase, as prior to this model it was 1440mm (56.7") and mine is 1470mm (57.9"). Should I be looking for a earlier (shorter) swingarm?

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    If longer wheelbase is giving you problems than that is option.


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      I've found an earlier Gen2 swing arm, and hope to be taking a look at it soon. If it's what I think then fitting it should result in a reduced axle to axle dimension of 1440mm (56.7"). Im still uncertain as the outcome of this swap and if it will make the bike more twitchy and prone to head shake. Currently I dont run a steering damper and its very stable (for the most part). So, wondering what other forum members have for axle to axle centers and if my efforts of changing it are going to be in vein?


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        Well fellow members the new (old) swing arm is in. The new wheel base now measures 1430mm. Off to the track this coming Tuesday, we shall see!!!