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2006 sv650s 2016 ZX10r shock swap

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  • 2006 sv650s 2016 ZX10r shock swap

    Hi guys,
    I am trying to do a shock swap on a 2006 sv650 with a 2016 Zx10r. My stock shock is 330mm long. I want to know the length of the Zx10 shock and if anyone makes parts to adjust it so the length is close to 330mm.

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    I believe there is usually a little adjustability built into the shocks. Sometimes there are adapters and what not to help lengthen shocks if the desired length is outside of the ability of the shock in question. Also, you may not want to go with just the stock length. I dont know Gen 2 bikes well, but I believe they all do a bit better with the rear end raised up a bit. Check and see if you can find the recommended shock length for a Gen 2 in one of the threads here.

    I was able to find mention of the shock length in one of the old posts from Gangplank (Josh). he stated:
    "Shock length 340-345mm fully extended. Stock is 330mm "
    Zoran or someone else may have a different recommendation.
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      340 is where I set them.