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  • ProAligner

    I read a product review in the current Roadracing World and ordered a ProAligner. I have been pulling strings for years to check alignment. But, getting a good alignment with strings is a time consuming, tedious process and this looks like it may save time. It’s a lot cheaper than the laser systems on the market and small enough to carry in a tool bag to the track. I will post up my impressions once I use it.
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    I may be having a brain fart, but how does it work? I don't get it!


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      A bit like using open sights on a rifle. Sight down the side of the tire to the scale resting against other tire.

      Current method for aligning:

      It takes more than a few minutes
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        String is a bit fussy...

        I have a piece of 30mm square aluminium tube. I just hold that against the rear tyre and check the gap to the front, it's very quick.

        With a 180 rear and 120 front, the gap should be close to 30mm each side, so I have glued an extra piece of the 30x30 square to the side, which makes it even easier.