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  • Miller open day...

    First day on the new bike yesterday, With odd march weather right at 70 degrees we had about 30 bikes show up. After racing a GSXR 600 in 07 I was skeptical about going back to an SV.. I bought the bike mostly prepped in the fall and did some upgrades over the winter to the motor. I had a blast and had no issues, I have a good buddy that recently road race prepped his Aprillia SXV 550, he added mag wheels, re valved suspension, a PC and a full Akro system. Him and I had a great session on the tightest of the four courses at miller (east) he will give me fits this season in our Twins U class.
    Looking forward to meeting a couple of you at Miller WERA race.
    Thanks Zoran for the help with the motor, What a blast!

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    Re: Miller open day...

    glad you having fun