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  • Ignition coils compatibility and ECU

    Since bike will be transformed into injected I will have to find injected ECU and harness.
    SV650 after 2006 uses the Mitsubishi 32bit ECU(you can tell the difference because she has 2 separate plugs instead of 1 big older style ECU).

    I will be using single spark plug cylinder heads,so the question is which ignition coils I should use.
    Should I use the dual plug coils and just cut and insulate the leg that ignites the second spark plug( gut feeling says it's wrong but again what the hell do I know)?

    Or I should use the 1st gen coils with modified connectors?

    Their other difference is that 1st gen have 2 spade connectors whereas the later models have a nicer insulated connector.


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    I'm curious if you ever figured out the answer to this.


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      Not mounted yet.
      I will use Gladius ECU, 2003-2006 igntion coils and spark boots, sealed connectors.