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  • sv650 2003 clocks onto a 2000 model ?

    hello, hope someone can help, I have a curvy 2000 sv650 with a 2003 fairing and front bracket fitted. I am trying to fit the 2003 clocks ( diamond shape ) instead of the 2000 clocks. all I really want is for the rev counter to work... is this possible and if so, anyone done this before and how do I alter the front 16pin clocks connector ?.. thank you

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    Find the wiring diagramm for both and try to match each wire.
    You may need to see the 2003 clock pinout.
    Do you have the 2003 harness?
    If yes,then you can
    1)cut the big connector of the K3 harness that goes to the K3 instrument cluster
    2)cut the big connector of the 2000 harness that goes to the 2000 instrument cluster

    Now you have to put the K3 connector to the 2000 harness.

    The wire that shows the revs is black/yellow on the 2000 models.

    It's not a heavy duty job but requires patience so take your time.