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  • Slipper Clutch

    I picked up this Sigma slipper clutch in a bike I bought last fall. It's been sitting on the shelf as I can't decide whether I want to use it on my track bike or not.

    So I noticed that the "posts" were different heights, and one is especially taller than the rest. Is this normal or did I back something out when I removed it? Also, does this clutch look ok as far as wear goes? I know there were some threads/concerns about slippers wearing out but I was thinking that was just Yoyo slippers. (although I thought I read that Zoran said Yoyo and Sigma were the same)

    2nd, does anyone have any decent installation instructions?

    I have a 1st Gen. I assume the springs that came with the Slipper are 2nd Gen. If I install the slipper should I put new fibers in?

    I keep reading about this 1mm center to pressure plate clearance and I am having a hard time visualizing what this is, and how you measure it. Any helps/suggestions are appreciated.

    Here are some pics of the slipper.

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    That one post backed out. You will need to take clutch apart and install it back in fully. Use locktite.
    To take it apart take all post springs out and big cir clip in middle.
    Also your hub is jammed open probably because of that post.
    1mm is distance between that hub and pressure plate once all is installed. You can see it throughout the holes in pressure plates.
    Installation is same as stock one. If old plates are good you can use those or new ones, your choice.


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      Thank you!